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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 23, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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remembering yogi berra. the baseball legend who had an unmatched way with words passed away overnight. we're looking back at his life and famous sayings. also from overnight two nooses found on a local campus, the timing and placement of those nooses have students calling this a hate crime. happening today, history in washington, d.c. the pope will head to the white house to meet with president obama. nbc 10's matt delucia is in the nation's capital. this is "nbc 10 news today" on this wednesday. i'm chris cato. all eyes on the forecast of course with the pope headed to philadelphia. no pressure on meteorologist brittney shipp. she's here with us.
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nice and cool again this morning but we'll be warmer today? >> warmer today for the first day of fall. temperatures pushing above average. about 4 degrees above average, back to the 80s so our current temperature is 44 and the poconos a cool start, 50 degrees in allentown 50 in pottstown 63 in philadelphia, 59 in wilmington and temperatures in atlantic city at 62. so not too shabby. 63 in wildwood to start the morning. our satellite/radar shot, yesterday we were dealing with showers pushing into parts of allentown and the poconos. now we're going to watch a system that's unorganized off the carolina coast to see if that's going to affect us closer to the weekend. i'll break that down in my next forecast. for now the city planner shows by 6:00 a.m., 62 degrees, 9:00 a.m., 65. and then temperatures by noon at 74 degrees. as far as today is concerned, our temperatures will range between 78 and 81, mostly sunny and warmer. i'll have more details what you
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can expect closer to the weekend. first let's check in with jessica boyington. >> we have double overnight accidents in montgomery county. limerick, south township line road and walnut and another in norristown on marshall street and astor street. checking in with 95 now around state road, okay through the work zone, we still have an easy drive time from wood haven to the vine street expressway. 14 minutes. the schuylkill expressway through conshohocken and the curve everything fine so far. you can see we're all in the green, no problems heading to the king of prussia area or to the center city area. we have pope closures. those when i come back in 10. >> before we get to our pope in america coverage, this breaking news from overnight. baseball hall of famer yogi berra passed away. he won ten world series with the new york yankees, served in
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world war ii. probably most remembered for famous sayings, yon as yogiisms, like it ain't over till it's over. if you get to the fork in the road acti road, take it. you should always go to other people's funerals or they won't come to yours. many will come to his. yogi berra was 90 years old. >> right now the pope is sleeping in washington, d.c. that's the vatican's equivalent of the embassy. the pope arrived for this historic trip, his first visit to the u.s. around 4:00 we watched it live unfold. president barack obama, vice president joe biden, their families, many there to greet the pope as he got off the plane. and pope francis has a busy day ahead of him. matt delucia joins us live in washington, d.c. looking ahead at what's on tap for the pope. matt, what's the feeling right now in the nation's capital?
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it has to be electric. >> reporter: it is. even at this early hour, i've been watching tweets from people gathered up around the security gate awaiting pope francis to come out. the first main event doesn't happen until 9:15 this morning. just walking around the national mall yesterday right about the time that the pope was landing at joint base andrews you could feel the electricity and people wanting to see this man. we have video for you. we walked around town and you can tell that the welcome mat is out with pope t-shirts on display and on sale, we also saw nuns and priests out here awaiting the several events lined up over the next two days. first as i mentioned, 9:15, 20,000 people are expected to be in attendance on the south lawn of the white house. president obama and pope francis will speak and we're hearing that the pope's remarks will be in english for this one and that will be followed by a private meeting in the oval office.
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then at 11:30 this morning the pope will hold a midday prayer for 300 u.s. bishops, and then at 4:15 perhaps the largest public event of the trip to washington, a mass at the basilica of the national shrine, an outdoor event in front of approximately 25,000 people. of course, not everyone who wants to see the pope up close and person will get that opportunity to do so. coming up at 4:30 i spoke with a woman who traveled from new mexico, she is here in washington trying to do everything she can to see pope francis and maybe even say a couple of words. that is, of course, quite a long shot. but you can tell that people are trying to treat this man like a rock star out here and of course he's only here for a short time. people are feeling it. live in washington, i'm matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." much more ahead from matt. here is a look at the pope's schedule. at the white house today he will meet with president obama as we mentioned, on thursday that big
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address of the joint session of congress, then fly to new york city. on friday the pope will address the united nations general assembly, and then visit the 9/11 memorial, have a procession through central park and hold mass at madison jair garden. saturday morning philadelphia in the spotlight the pope arrives and will speak ahead of sunday's big mass also on the parkway. when the pope addresses congress tomorrow don't expect to see members giving him standing ovations. democrats and republicans have asked their lawmakers not to rise and applaud while the pope speaks. leaders say they are trying to avoid the partisan applause you normally see during the state of the union address. lawmakers have been told not to try to shake the pope's hand when he enters and exits the chamber. you can count on nbc 10 for your complete coverage of the pope's visit. matt delucia will continue his reports from washington, d.c.
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throughout the morning, and rosemary connors will be live from d.c. later today and cydney long and katy zachry will pick up coverage from new york tomorrow. in philadelphia, no parking zones are expanding ahead of the pope's visit. today another round of towing for drivers who haven't heeded the warnings coming for weeks. tracy davidson is live. this isn't just center city where cars are towed. >> right. crews began towing around independence hall and the no parking area is about to expand. 9:00 this morning any cars parked on emergency routes will be towed. that's in addition to parking enforcement that is under way. parking authority says most residents are complying with the rules, so far crews have only had to tow a third of the cars they expected in areas in the security box. but time is running out for when cars will actually have to be completely moved. >> parking facilities become available at 6:00 p.m. on
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thursday, and people need to be off the street by 10:00 p.m. even with these placards. you get in the garage you won't be able to exit until monday. >> now let's talk about who is paying for all of this. mayor michael nutter says the world meeting of families i degreed to pay up to $12 million unto the cost and extra police and security and other expenses associated with the pope's visit. if your car is towed expect $76 ticket and if you have questions you can tap the nbc app for a closer look on where parking is not allowed during the papal visit in philadelphia. live in the digital operationings center, tracy davidson, "nbc 10 news." check this out. we found a lot of activity on lancaster avenue. crews were bringing in big concrete barriers to install on the sidewalk around st. charles seminary. that is where the pope will be staying while in philadelphia. expect a lot of congestion out there over the next couple days. then it will be closed over the weekend. today is day two of the world
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meeting of families in philadelphia at the pennsylvania conskrengs center. the faithful will gather for mass this morning followed by sessions throughout the day. the highlight will be when pope francis arrives saturday for a series of closing events connected to the world meeting. tonight at 7:00 p.m. on nbc 10 be sure to watch pope in america, a detailed look at washington, d.c. and what's ahead for the rest of the papal visit. you know this video of the pope's arrival in d.c. is getting buzz in the auto world. ahead in our next half hour t reason the pontiff rides around in a fiat. call it his second pope mobile. the nbc 10 app has everything to get ready for the papal visit. you'll find pictures and video from the pope's arrival in d.c. yesterday, you'll also find a list of no parking zones tracy was talking about, all the road closures there, and mass transit changes as well as a lot of other information.
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let's get to the breaking news from overnight. someone found two nooses hanging on the university of delaware campus, campus police are investigating this as a hate crime. jesse gary is live there on the school's campus. jelsy, this has a lot of people concerned because where those were found is the exact spot where a black lives matter rally took place a day earlier. right? >> reporter: that's right. and in response to this the same group that was targeted is planning another rally today right behind me right outside mitchell hall later today. two nooses originally were reported but now we learned it's actually three. just heard that from the president's office, found from a tree limb. it's the same place where black lives matter members gathered to protest a monday appearance by conservative commentator and writer katy paplich. characterizing the incident as a hate crime. in response to the hanging
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nooses black lives matter released a statement saying paplich addressed in an insensitive matter and as students our visibility is holding this institution accountable to not allow groups that target students of color and advocate systematic forms of oppression. the university president also weighing in, we'll have her comments for you coming up in the next hour. live on the university of delaware campus, jesse gary, "nbc 10 news." good morning. temperatures today expected to warm above average on this first day of fall. 63 currently in philadelphia, our humidity at a comfortable level at 70%. wind out of the northeast at about 9 miles per hour. across the rest of the region our temperatures at 55 in kennett square, 55 chester springs, 50 in pottstown, 44 in the poconos. 62 degrees in dover and 62 in
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millville. our kafrnlg for this time of year, 76. today 80 degrees, by thursday, still in the 80s but we'll start to drop down closer to the weekend. so cooler temperatures in store for us but it's going to be a warm start to fall. closer look at our satellite/radar, passing clouds but plenty of sunshine today. the planner for all three areas, philadelphia by 8:00, in the 60s, and the 50s for the poconos, the shore at 60. the lunch time hour in the low 70s in philly, mid-60s in the poconos, and low 70s at the shore. i'll have your seven-day forecast coming up. chris. 12 minutes after 4. right now an international cloud of controversy is swirling around volkswagen. first news that broke that the carmaker had cheated emissions testing, now a driver from new jersey is making his displeasure known. you got to see this one. a fight breaks out inside this costco, a 78-year-old man was
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punched in the face. police say nutella is to blame.
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>>. >> it's 4:15. in texas two high school football players accused of attacking a referee during a game, this hit here, will attend a disciplinary hearing. one player knocked the ref down, another jumped on top of him on the ground. if found guilty punishments could range from being assigned to an alternative school to expulsion. the player said an assistant coach told them to hit the ref. more fallout after volkswagen admitted to faulty software, intentionally doing that that allowed the vehicles
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to get around air safety standards. they dlim sell environmentally friendly vehicles. the company admits that the practice was dishonest saying we have totally screwed up. the software allowed emissions of a green house gas that are 40 times higher than the federal standard in the u.s. >> volkswagen marketed this car as a high performance super clean and environment friendly vehicle. they lied to consumers. >> the company now faces potentially billions of dollars in fines for violating clean air loss and a criminal investigation from the justice department. volkswagen north america is incorporated in new jersey and we found one man there who is filing a lawsuit. this driver says he feels guilt when driving his vehicle after learning about the hidden polluting emissions. the biggest battle besides legal trouble is winning back the trust of once faithful buyers. >> it was a good purchase, i
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thought it wasn't as bad for the environment. i don't know how i'm supposed to trust the company that feels no -- that feels like it's all right to do this. to a consumer. >> volkswagen ordered dealers to stop selling the affected models and has set aside more than $7 billion to fix cars in the u.s. $10 mill grorn vehicles around the world. >> for the first time we're hearing 911 calls moments after a bus driver in florida, school bus driver, crashed into a pond last week with almost 30 students on board. >> it's in the water with the kids. please help. >> that was a witness calling for help after seeing that bus speed past a security gate. the driver was going 48 in a 35 miles per hour zone. all of the students made it off the bus safely. the school district fired the driver who now faces a charge of careless driving. >> all right. put your toast down and listen
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to this. a man in california faces charges after punching out an elderly costco customer, the victim has protested about how many samples the attacker had taken at a nutella waffle tasting station. the man responded by punching the man in the face. he is now charged with felony elder abuse. a waffle tasting station the cause of this brawl. in new hampshire a lobster will not end up as dinner thanks to its unusual color. this rare blue lobster, a local lobsterman brought in the hall. he didn't notice the color because he was wearing sunglasses. the lobster catcher was, not the lobster. guess you can't see the blue too well. the lobster will go to a marine conservation center where it will live without being served up with butter on the side.
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good morning. you are taking a live look right now at the parkway, that is where we're going to see lots of activity. it's already started over the past couple days and the big question is how will the weather shape up as we head right into the papal visit pushing into this weekend. we are tracking the possibility of showers but the latest models show it's going to stay to the south which is great news for the million people expected to head out for the parkway. a closer look at our fall start. today is no the first day of fall. warmer conditions than how we ended summer yesterday, staying in the 70s yesterday. today to 80 degrees. dry and warmer into the next couple of days but we'll cool down in time for the weekend. a closer look at your papal forecast. cape may with 63. 88% humidity. winds out of the north-northeast at 9 miles per hour and across the region we're starting off on
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the cool side, 44 degrees in the poconos, 57 in trenton, 58 in mount holly, 59 in glassboro, 62 in atlantic city and at 62 degrees right now in dover. not a bad way to start off the morning. but as we take a closer look at your 24 hour temperature change map it shows that we're about 9 degrees cooler in the poconos, down 9 in allentown, 8 degrees in pottstown, similar conditions in atlantic city and in millville and down about 3 degrees in wilmington. dry conditions on our live radar. this is the story we're watching, an area of low pressure off the carolina coast, going to watch what it does as we get closer to saturday and sunday. the good thing is the latest models have been showing that this area of low pressure stays to the south of us, and so we won't see rain showers making its way into philadelphia. so it look likes we stay nice and dry for the papal visit. on saturday, 74 degrees, breezy and cool on sunday. the chance of showers is mainly going to stay to the south of
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our area and temperatures will be at 74 as well. so that's what the latest model suggests. we're going to be updating this for you and bringing you the most accurate forecast. it's going to be a warm start to fall. 76 is our average for this time of year. both today and tomorrow. we push into the 80s about 4 degrees above average. our highs around the region today at 80 in philadelphia, 81 in northeast philly, mid to high 70s for atlantic city and wildwood. 78 will be the high in dover. as we take a closer look at the pope weekend forecast, again on saturday, cool, 74 degrees. sunday, a chance of showers south and then for today our temperatures range between 78 and 81, mostly sunny and warmer wind speeds out of the northeast and east 10 miles per hour. so not a bad day. your seven-day forecast shows that we will continue to see temperatures staying in the 80s for two days, then start to drop down right as we head into the weekend. today is the first official day of fall.
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but that doesn't mean the summer fun has to end. in north wildwood crews getting ready for the irish weekend celebration. people there expecting bigger crowds with more people leaving the philadelphia area ahead of all of the influx of visitors for the world meeting of families. >> used to be labor day, irish weekend i think really is the last big hurrah for folks. >> this might be the biggest weekend we had. >> there are still some weekend events planned along the shore including the big madonna concert in october. the wildwood board walk will remain open on weekends until october 11. as we prepare for the pope in philadelphia it's a great time to look back at the last papal visit here. next, he was part of the army of philadelphia police charged with protecting pope john paul the second. wait until you hear what happened when the pontiff came face-to-face with a police horse named bruno. we're glad to have terry ruggles back with those.
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and shining a papal light on twitter. ahead how the social media site is celebrating the visit to washington, new york and philadelphia. >> through twitter, you can check out periscope and see what happens here behind the scenes on "nbc 10 news today." you can talk with us, we'll chat with you as much as possible. i was answering some questions on periscope wondering where vai was. i think they were dils pipted to see me. and people with a lot of questions. don't laugh at that. you can talk to us, nbc philadelphia.
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>> the phillies could be making lots of changes but one thing,
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the team gave the interim manager the job full time. the in-coming president says mackanin is right. >> i'd like to thank the players playing with enthusiasm though the wips haven't come often. the reason i got the job is because of the enthusiastic play that these guys showed me. >> he has signed for next year with an option for 2017. >> some of the police and security officers that will be on duty the weekend of the papal visit this weekend will have four legs. mounted police, they are expected to be a big part in crowd control. the same thing happened 36 years ago when pope john paul ii came. we talked to the stables in the neat. he was part of that patrol and saw the pope. riders will tell you that horses sometimes get nervous even wild
4:27 am
when strangers touch their face. but apparently that didn't apply to the pope. >> goes like this. he makes the sign of the cross, he taps the horse on the head and the horse didn't move. like it was mesmerized. >> you heard of holy cows. a holy horse perhaps. butch says they are great for crowd control and also for community relations. good morning. i am tracking a warm start to fall temperatures into the 80s but we'll cool things down heading into the weekend. i'll also have your papal forecast all coming up in a bit. jessica. >> and we're looking live now at the calm before the storm. no problems heading into center city right now. that's the ben franklin bridge there in the background.
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we'll have pope details and closures when i come back. >> next, a historic day in washington. pope francis heads to the white house. we'll take you live to the nation's capital with what's happening there today.
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breaking news from overnight. mourning a baseball legend. yogi berra has died. we'll look at his life and career. >> a historic day ahead in the nation's capital. pope francis will be at the white house meeting with president obama. ahead we'll check with matt delucia who is live for us in washington. >> the first day of fall won't feel like it. it will warm into the 80s


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